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The CINC lead generation and conversion engine keeps you seamlessly engaged with your clients. Our best-in-class marketing team brings you a 20% lower cost per lead year over year, while our automated follow-up tools keep you top of mind throughout the home buying and selling process.

See why 35K+ successful real estate agents, teams, and brokers are using CINC to close more deals.

Lead Generation

Capture more leads at a lower cost with individually managed digital lead generation campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and our proprietary ListCast. We continually optimize your campaigns to drive you the most high-quality buyer and seller leads at the lowest cost.

Lead Conversion

Build relationships, illustrate your market expertise, and drive conversion through automated behavior tracking & messaging tools. Prioritize leads and distinguish “NOW” and “FUTURE” business with a desktop application or one of three different mobile apps (lead conversion app, consumer home search app, or Etta app).

Best Community

Learn from the best real estate agents (more than 35K+) in the US and Canada. This elite group connects daily in online Mastermind groups, weekly in webinar training, and monthly throughout the country at Live Training Events. It’s not just the best technology, but the best habits.