December On-Demand Webinar

How CINC AI Improves Scalable Lead Follow Up

Buying or selling a home is an emotional purchase. CINC turns to technology to help agents scale the human connection. CINC AI gives you the ability to be in front of your leads and automatically converse with them. During this webinar with VP of Product Jeff Walker, you’ll learn:

• Why agents should utilize CINC AI’s Alex
• What’s new with Alex, including new lead engagement, behavioral messages, and re-engaging old leads
• How real estate teams should use AI within their business


Real Estate Tools Are One Thing.
Closing Leads Is Another.

CINC’s powerful all-in-one platform helps you generate and close more leads, growing your real estate business. That’s why 50,000+ agents rely on it to nurture their most profitable business opportunities every day.


Whether you’re growing the next real estate empire or streamlining your team’s operations, CINC’s tools help you dominate the market while making authentic connections.