Lead the Way

CINC is a powerful real estate platform that keeps you seamlessly engaged with your clients from Hello to Congratulations. Along with best practices, CINC allows you to stay top of mind throughout the home buying process.

Lead Generation

Attract: Capture Exclusive,
In-Market Buyer and Seller Leads

Lead Engagement

Engage: Speed to Lead
Choose from 3 mobile options to boost engagement

Lead Nurturing

Cultivate: Nurture New and Existing Leads

Lead Management

Organize: Advanced Lead and Team Management

Lead Conversion

Convert: Close Smarter by Tracking Your Business with Comprehensive Pipeline Views

Client Retention

Retain: Earn Clients for Life


Unlock Your Full Business Potential

CINC takes the guesswork out of generating leads and effectively moving them through the homebuyer and seller journey, so you have more time to focus on growing your business.

3,000,000 leads generated a year

Used by 3,000 top teams and 50,000 agents

177,000 homes sold last year from CINC leads

20% lower cost per lead year over year

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