Get More Results From Your Calls

CINC Dialer – available as an optional add-on – lets you call leads from VOIP or your cell, all while automatically providing you with notes and tracking important metrics.


Reach Your Leads Anywhere Using CINC's Built-In Dialer

With the Dialer, real estate professionals can supercharge their outreach efforts either on the computer or through our CINC Agent mobile app. Dialer takes the guesswork out of who to call next when you pre-select a campaign of up to 500 leads, filtered using dozens of demographic and intent signals.


Agents have direct access to each lead's data to help them better plan and personalize their calls, resulting in a higher quality experience for the lead. Calls are made directly inside the CINC platform, and the user can add notes from the call, assign tags, and start marketing automation campaigns inside the same screen.

Calling Leads Made Easy

The Quickest Way to Build Meaningful Relationships


Real Estate Pros Love The Dialer


"I don't know how we lived without the Dialer. We don't have to think about dialing the number. It takes away the hesitation and decision on whom to call -- just select them and go."

Real Esate Agent

"You'll be way more productive with the Dialer than without; a lot more calls in a lot less time."

Real Esate Agent