4 Ways for Realtors to Collect New Google Reviews

Tips on ways to increase your Google Reviews including how CINC AutoTracks helps you. More reviews drive better performance for Google's LSAs.
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    4 Ways for realtors to Collect New google Reviews

    As a successful real estate agent, you recognize reviews are important to your business. When a home buyer or seller searches your name, what do they see? Hopefully, your social proof game is strong, and they find tons of 5-star reviews. There are many ways to capture reviews (Zillow, Yelp, Reach 150, Google). Like your lead generation strategy, it’s essential to diversify your reviews strategy. Today we will focus on the importance of building your reviews strategy within Google. The tips shared can also be applied to the other channels. To collect Google reviews, you’ll need a Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business. Are you unsure about how to create a profile? Here’s a CINC blog with more information on Google Business Profile. 

    Google My Business listing in right panel:

    Google My Business Lowry Team Example

    Google Reviews allow you to build creditability and appear in search results with the number one search engine. It’s critical your reviews have high ratings, provide a positive perspective of your services, and leave additional context on why they gave you a high rating. When you meet each category, you’re on your way to being a Google Reviews Rockstar. Over the past couple of years, Google has raised the importance of the Google Business Profile reviews with the launch of its new ad type called the Local Services Ad (LSA). Google displays these ads at the top of the search results page. When adding LSAs to your marketing mix, the Google Reviews help with branding and drive you higher intent leads. Since the home buyers and sellers are searching for an agent, they are most likely ready to engage and should have a shorter transaction cycle.

    Interested in viewing a couple of examples? Search on Google for “Atlanta GA Real Estate Agent or “Best Realtor in Roswell GA.” Here’s an example of what you might see:


    The agents who appear in the search results have a high volume of ratings and starts. Pro Tip: Google prioritizes advertisers /agents with more (and better) reviews. The agents who meet these goals get more clicks, leads, and phone calls, which brings us back to the original point, Google Reviews matter. Notice how the agent's images and reviews are at the very top of the search results? 

    Now that you’ve learned the what and why of Google reviews, it’s critical to focus on “How do I get more Google Reviews?”

    1. Consistent and persistent effort is key with Google.

      In terms of reviews, it’s crucial you don’t “set it and forget it.” If you are running Google LSAs, your campaign will struggle to get traffic if you don’t continue to collect reviews. Google’s LSAs emphasize your current credibility. Your goal should be to drive a steady flow of new reviews over a period of time. Like your social media strategy, you should develop plans to capture new reviews quarterly.

    2. Google Reviews aren’t just reviewing your business, but are people reviewing you!

      Think of all the individuals you interact with daily. This is your foundation to capture new reviews as you can get reviews from everyone you interact with – not just clients. Reach out to people in your network (contractors, vendors, neighbors, current clients, etc.). Your database gives you the power to ask, “Will you leave me a review?”

    3. Make it easy to give you feedback.

      Your Google Business Profile provides a shareable link that you can use to drive people directly to the page to leave you a review. Helpfully, this link goes straight to the page where they will click the number of stars and hit “Submit.” To make the process even easier, go to GoDaddy.com and purchase a cheap but easy-to-remember domain. Suppose your team’s name is “Terry Team Realty,” purchase “TTRreviews.com” (currently, it’s $0.01 for the first year). Forward your Google review page to the new domain, and the process for those providing you a review is even easier.

    4. Solutions like CINC create automated campaigns to capture more reviews.

      By building a process with AutoTracks, you can generate a pipeline of new reviews. Within your CINC platform, multiple email templates are focused on driving you Google Reviews. Here is an example of text you can use to capture Google reviews:

    Dear [FIRSTNAME],

    It was good meeting with you recently, having a chance to ask some questions and learn more about your needs. I hope if you have any questions, you will reach out to me directly. I am here to assist you in any way that I can. I always aim to deliver 5-star service and hope to achieve that goal in every conversation.

    If you feel that has been the case, please take about 15 seconds to leave a review on my business page here. I would love for you to include a comment. If you do not have the time to share more info, just press the star on the right 😀 and hit submit. It makes a significant impact on my business.

    I appreciate your feedback, and again, please reach out with any questions.

    Thank you,


    Now, that you have ideas to make it happen, focus on a new reviews goal, and make it your one thing this month to increase your Google Reviews. If you are currently a CINC client and are interested in learning more about Google LSAs (it’s currently in Beta), please connect with your CINC account manager. Team leaders and agents with lots of Google reviews are having the most success with the program.

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