6 CRM Secrets of 190 Top-Performing Real Estate Teams

Jay Klein has coached over 190 top-performing real estate teams that use CINC. Learn the best way to leverage their CRM and grow their business.
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    CINC's very own Jay Klein has coached over 190 top-performing real estate teams that use CINC on the best way to leverage their CRM's. Along the way, she has accumulated a few secret tips that she recently shared with us. 

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    1. Finding Seller Leads in This Crazy Market

    Given getting listings on the market is the way to make money right now, Jay explains that the main focus she has been working through with her clients is working with seller leads and finding them within their CRM's.

    When a lead registers within a team's platform, Jay has her clients' platforms ask the lead if they are looking to buy, and whether or not they have a house to sell. If they indicate yes, the platform then requests their property address.

    This is incredibly useful information. 

    In fact, Jay recommends her clients send mailers to these addresses to try to earn the lead’s business. Mailers are affordable and have considerable ROI when applied to most real estate team's practices. Using CINC, mailers are already integrated into the platform so it’s a very simple task to undertake.

    2. Texting is Key

    People are constantly texting each other throughout the day.

    As such, Jay has seen that a lot of her clients have started using an integrated AI (artificial intelligence) texting tool that CINC offers. This tools allows clients to scale their business and work smarter, not harder.

    The AI texting tool will engage in real-time, full-on conversations with clients’ leads until they have enough information to tag clients in as their agents.

    How does this help real estate teams? Jay explains this hands agents over a more qualified lead with the essential information needed to follow up. 

    In addition, it frees up more time for clients to focus on other areas of their business. This feature is a game changer for some of Jay's top-performing teams that have dove head first into this using this tool.

    3. Lead Activity

    Tracking all lead activity provides real estate teams with a great advantage, especially in this fast-paced market.

    Jay has her clients use a secret filter when identifying leads who are ready to buy and sell their home as soon as possible.

    Here is the criteria that she has them focus on:

    • Contact Validity: contacts who have a valid phone number and email

    • Last Login: leads that have logged into an agent's platform in the last 30 days

    • Activity Time Frame: indicate the past, 0 to 1 months, 0 to 3 months, and 6 months

    • Registration Date: sort by least recent to most recent

    Jay emphasizes that filtering using this criterion allows her clients to narrow down their prospecting and engagement activity to leads that are much more likely to convert.

    4. Speed to Lead

    Speed to lead is absolutely crucial according to Jay.  Agents who get to a lead within the first 5 minutes of them registering on a realtor's website have a significantly higher connect rate on the first dial.

    Lead routing functionality to get agents to these leads as quickly as possible is critical.

    5. Diversity in Lead Sources

    Jay typically recommends a online lead source breakdown of 60% paid Google search, 20% Facebook ads, and 20% other display options to diversify real estate teams' online lead sources.

    The best practice is to put money into each these different online sources of lead generation. Each source has their own unique benefit.  Thus, diversifying lead generation brings in a wide variety of lead types with different motivations and time frames.

    This ultimately helps develop the pipeline for months and years to come.

    The wider the net agents cast, the greater their ability to generate leads and potential to maximize ROI.

    6. Find Your Leads' "Why"

    For most people, buying a home is the single biggest investment they will typically make throughout their lives.  It is a decision often fraught with emotion.

    Jay stresses that if an agent can tap into that “why”, the agent can create a real relationship with the individual.

    People work with people that they know care about them, and finding the “why” communicates to the individual that an agent cares.

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