How to Use AI to Personalize Client Relationships and Experiences

Alvaro Erize shares how real estate agents can utilize CINC AI to personalized client experiences to build long-term buyer and seller relationships.
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    Before the COVID-19 shutdown occurred, home buyers and sellers saw the power in using online tools to search for properties and connect with agents. The past 16 months enhanced this trend and further pushed agents to build the best experience. During June’s Virtual Inman Connect, Alvaro Erize, CINC CEO, was interviewed by Amy Somerville to share his expertise on how agents can utilize AI to personalize client relationships and experiences. Below are highlights of their conversation, along with a video of the full interview.


    Transactional to transformational

    While it does not come as a surprise to any agent, Erize highlighted another change that has occurred, “In the beginnings of online engagement, consumers were used to a subpar experience which was transactional, but no true relationship was established.” He shared that consumers want more, and now more than ever, agents need to understand the value of connecting with the consumers at the beginning and adding value during the entire search.

    After capturing a buyer lead, the focus has always been transactional by nature and understanding the specifics on the details of the house (bed/bath, location, and price point) and when the consumer was going to transact. Unfortunately, these are questions that don’t add value to the relationship as consumers can search and find this information on their own using other agent websites or home buyer portals.

    “The most important question is not the what, but the why. As a team leader, you need to train your people. Systems and automation will not work if your people are still transactional,” Erize shared. CINC helps agents and team leads understand the value of “why” with their ongoing training, CINCU, and hosting Power Hour focused on conversion and the right scripts to overcome objections and ask the right questions.

    “After you have trained your people, then you need systems. Systems like CINC already know the details of the home, when the consumer wants to talk if they prefer a text message or phone calls. To be a top agent, you should use this information to understand further why the home buyer is moving," Erize shared.

    Systems and technology, like CINC, are built to allow the agent to use the power of information to engage in a way they [the consumer] want and create a relationship. As a result, the personalized relationship feels more special to the consumer.

    Leveraging technology within relationship building for buyers AND sellers

    With the lack of inventory, it is true sellers hold a lot of the power. “Many of those listers are hidden as buyers and they are not looking like a seller because they know they can sell. They are looking to buy before they can sell,” Erize stated.

    It’s essential to leverage technology not just to find buyers or sellers but establish trust. Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to help understand the consumer’s motivation. CINC AI and other automation tools help agents streamline the engagement and build trust, so they are always top of mind. It’s the balance of asking the right questions and giving agents the ability to scale themselves.

    “You need a system that allows you to be more human more of the time. If you are looking for a system that will replace you or give an automated response, CINC isn’t the right fit. The system you use should multiple your human relationship building ability,” Erize highlighted.

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