Increase Lead Flow With Social Media Ads

Increase Lead Flow With Social Media Ads
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    Having a social media presence is a no-brainer in today’s business world, so we’re not going to take the time to convince you that you need to do social media 
    advertising. However, if you’ve tried social media marketing without much success or you’re just looking to get started with paid social advertising, this post is for you.

    First and foremost, let’s set expectations. Converting leads on social media may take longer than other methods.  Fortunately, it provides the most affordable opportunity to reach large and/or targeted audiences. Think about this – when fans and followers engage with your brand, it extends to their networks of friends, family and colleagues; without any action from you. Further, it is very realistic for someone in your network to see a home that is perfect for a friend; tell them about it, and then that friend converts into a lead, and maybe even a client. Be patient. It’s worth it.


    To fully optimize a social media marketing strategy, you (and your team) should consider supplementing your organic posts with paid ads.

    Facebook: Facebook provides teams the best option for very specific micro-targeting. Only looking for users over the age of 35 or within a 15-mile radius of a certain city? How about targeting by income? With Facebook ads, you can do just that. The platform also lets you create original ads or promote content that is performing extraordinarily well on your page. For more details on how to set up the perfect Facebook ad click here.

    Twitter: Twitter also offers a wide range of targeting options including geographic regions, age, income and interests. It even lets you target by relevant hashtags as well as by specific accounts. For example: If you enter in @remax, you will reach users with interests similar to @remax. You can also select from a variety of ad types depending on your overall goals and objectives, including: website clicks/conversions, followers and even leads. Click here to get started with your Twitter ads.

    The Newcomers: Don’t ignore new social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.. In fact, in June of 2016, Snapchat surpassed Twitter in the number of daily users with over 150 million. Not sure how to utilize Snapchat? See an example here. Developing social ad strategies on these platforms can help put your team ahead of the game.

    PRO TIP for Social Ads: Create multiple ads and play around with headlines, copy, and images to test and see which ones perform best. Then base future content on what was most successful.

    While we are focusing on utilizing social media marketing to drive leads, it’s also important to point out that teams can leverage social media as a recruiting tool. Today, 41% of job seekers research company culture before applying to a job. Social media is the perfect medium to showcase how great your team, and its culture is.

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