CINC Team Listing Ads: Automatically Promote Your Listings

Take the effort out of real estate lead generation with CINC's new automated Team Listing Ads.
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    Introducing your new secret weapon

    CINC’s New Team Listing Ads are dynamically created ads featuring homes from your team's inventory - and then shown to the people most likely to be interested in them.

    Benefits of Team Listing Ads
    - Low lead price
    - More visibility for your listings
    - New leads indicate if they want to tour your specific listing. (Great lead quality!)

    Reach new home seekers in your market with Team Listing Ads. These ads connect to your MLS to display an automatically updating ad with your office listings. Using Facebook and Instagram’s best-in-class predictive targeting, ads are pushed to users most likely to be interested in your listings based on their recent activity.

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    How it works

    Team Listing Ads update automatically and pull all the listings in your My Office/Agents Listings section of the Properties tab on your CINC site. You can also limit which of your listings get promoted based on city, price point, beds/baths, and more.

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    Once you’ve selected the properties to show, Team Listing Ads goes to work, showing your selected listings to people most likely to be interested in them based on their recent online activity.

    Team Listing Ads


    Identify the hottest leads first

    During the closed beta, more than 40% of leads from Team Listing Ads indicated they would be interested in touring the listing they clicked on.

    Lead cost has been under $5 per lead.

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    Optimized for mobile

    Capitalizing on the large share of mobile traffic across the Facebook and Instagram network, the ads are optimized specifically for mobile. Lead ad forms drive 10%+ conversion rate on mobile while increasing contact validity.

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    Start promoting your listings now for the strong summer real estate season.

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