Top 5 Money Makers in Your Database

Top 5 actions to take within your conversion database to convert more real estate leads into clients.
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    CINC client, Geoff Adams recently shared with us his 5 tips to drive money-making activities within his  database. Geoff is consistently within the Top 1% of Realty ONE Group agents. His tips are impactful for all agents and team leaders. Watch the full video below:

    1. Document conversations with notes

    Rapport building is critical in real estate. Asking great open-ended questions focused on the "why" helps you understand the consumer's motivation. As you converse with leads, it's essential to not only listen but document the meaningful conversation. Notes within your database give you points of reference to use in future calls. The pain points and pleasure points further allow you to build a relationship as the market expert.

    2. Utilize pipeline statuses

    Pipeline statuses give you a pulse on where leads are pending in your database. By understanding where each lead stands from Attempted Contact to Closed Deal, you can build a forecast for your future business. If you are a team lead, having your agents use the pipelines provides additional accountability.

    3. Create reminders for the next conversation

    Based on the lead's pipeline status, you should use reminders to help organize your follow-up. If a lead is buying/selling within 90 days, you should call (not text or email) once a week to stay connected. At the end of every conversation, by setting an appointment for the next call. Leads planning a transaction within 3-6 months should be called every 2 weeks, and transactions more than 1 year away should have a conversation monthly as plans often change.

    4. Regularly update MLS search parameters

    Conversion engines like CINC offer automated emails with homes for sale or recently sold details. As the local expert, you should make sure the alerts send relevant information and the correct frequency. In your regular communication (thanks to reminders), you should also update the home features (bed/bath, price point, etc.) your consumer wants in their next home. For buyers, you should try to have a search that yields 50 - 300 homes.

    5. Apply labels to identify now & future business

    The appropriate label on a lead helps you prepare for the short term and the long game. Your database is your money maker and helps you find leads that are a fit for specific properties. For example, by having an investor label, you empower yourself to have a list of buyers already when a distressed property hits the market.

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